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Nortstudio is an Antwerp based design studio focusing on furniture and lighting. Exploration of materials and new techniques are at the core of our studio. Nortstudio was founded by Jef De Brabander and Kathleen Opdenacker in 2016. 

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Kathleen, front woman behind design studio Nortstudio, made 3 series for BuroMuro; Rise, La loi and Square Play. Each series consists of 3 works. A number of shapes are randomly placed onto the works. This is how impromptu compositions are created by a spontaneous act.

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About Nortstudio

Kathleen Opdenacker is a graphic designer, Jef De Brabander an industrial engineer. Under the name Nortstudio, they design small pieces of furniture and lighting that stand out with their graphic feel and popping colours.

After years of working for themselves, the couple decided to join their creative forces in 2016. A good move, because the Belgian design label Nortstudio is now attracting attention with striking graphic-looking designs of lamps, side tables and (book) cabinets, among other things.

The whole is a cheerful play of graphic elements and colours, or, as Nortstudio itself likes to see it, a translation of a two-dimensional graphic composition into a three-dimensional object.

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