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Kathleen, front woman behind design studio Nortstudio, made 3 series for BuroMuro; Rise, La loi and Square Play. Each series consists of 3 works.  A number of shapes are randomly placed onto the works. This is how impromptu compositions are created by a spontaneous act.

Nortstudio is an Antwerp based design studio focusing on furniture and lighting. Exploration of materials and new techniques are at the core of our studio. Nortstudio was founded by Jef De Brabander and Kathleen Opdenacker in 2016. 

They design and create together. During this process we bring together our own vision and opinion. Kathleen’s approach is rooted in graphic design, an eye for detail and a broad interest in materials. Jef’s approach is rooted in industrial engineering, profound knowledge of techniques and various craftsman's skills. The interaction that takes place between us plays an important role leading up to the outcome of a final product.


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