Eva De Hovre

Instagram: @atelierevadehovre

Email: evadehovre@hotmail.com

Eva De Hovre (1987) is an illustrator and architect based in Belgium. Her work can be described as detailed, clear and mostly monochrome. Eva prefers to work on a small format with a blue art-line pen. She gets inspired by things she notices in her daily life: views out of the window, fragments of houses she walks by, landscapes while hiking. Most of these illustrations were made when she and her boyfriend lived in Chile for a year. During this period, they often went out with the backpack and tent. Eva with a sketchbook and her boyfriend with his camera. These drawings were all made during hiking breaks. 'Colca Canyon' (Peru) was made when they were on a 50-day trip in South America. 'Wengen' was made while traveling in Switzerland.