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Guest of Honor

Katie Tomlinson

Katie is an award-winning visual artist currently based in Antwerp.

She is an avid observer and uses drawing to process and document life around her, viewing it as a way to slow time in an often chaotic world. She likes to use bold lines and vivid pops of colour to create energetic compositions.


Summer Feast

This work is about a cocktail of memories and sensations felt during the height of summer.

"The way my skin tingles after a day filled with hot sunshine. My hair salty and textured from the ocean. Finding a shady spot with a soft breeze to enjoy a meal in the afternoon. Lip-smacking flavours of citrus, oyster and chilli buzzing around my mouth. The gentle sound of ice cubes clinking on glass. That feeling of having no rush at all, no care in the world, just the sweet ecstasy of summer."

We have 25 editions available as an A2 Art Print



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