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A wild imagination of day-to-day life. From figurative to abstract imagination.

We are launching a collection in June around confusion. An investigation in color and form where the recognizability of the subject no longer needs to be a starting point.  In imagination we slowly but surely let go of the distinction between certain objects and avoid any kind of depth effect. The subject of your work can vary from a person, animal, object, city to a landscape, building or your favourite water jug.

On Friday 23 of June, an entire weekend of an expo ' confusion' will go on display in Mechelen with the selected works. Each work will be presented through a different medium, creating the expo.

After the expo, we will post the entire collection online and it will be sold up to a maximum of 50 editions.

Deadline registration: Wednesday 26 May 2023.
Send your work to

Are you an illustrator or graphic designer and would you like to take part of this collection? Do you fancy showing your work on BuroMuro's website and in the exhibition among other talent? Register here!

What do we offer ( besides just a lot of fun )

Creative Support

Our goal is to inspire artists. To create a network for graphic designers and illustrators to display their creative works, so that they may be admired, and, to bring the joy of design back into the common household. 

Financial Support

Designers receive a 20% commission for each piece that is sold, whilst 80% goes towards the cost of production, events and marketing.

Administrative Support

We try to support the designers with both administrative and creative knowledge of our team. Accounting, billing and marketing have no secrets for us

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