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Who we are



Founder of Muro

Bart lenaerts (1983) is a photographer, food specialist and father of a beautiful daughter. He has been the manager of Noen, Eiskreem and the Mlkshkbar in Mechelen for 6 years now. He began his career on the back of a strong passion for hospitality and entrepreneurship. In 2020 he commenced academic studies in photography. This same year Bart founded Muro in collaboration with Jolijn Gyssels; with the hope of developing an honest platform to link creative artists and potential customers.



Founder of Muro

The very talented Jolijn Gyssels (1986) is a graphic designer, a future interior architect and an aspiring entrepreneur. She also is the mother of the most beautiful girl, my daughter. For over 6 years Jolijn is the manager of Noen, Eiskreem and Mlkshkbar. She started her career as an entrepreneur to connect people. She hopes she can do the same with MURO and bring the work of the artists to the people at home. Especially in these strange times.





Graphic Designer Muro

Zinzi Moons (1993) is a freelance graphic design & illustrator, based in Mechelen,Belgium. We began working together at Noen and since then have fostered a long lasting partnership. Zinzi is a self-employed artist, and as many would know, this can be a very challenging and demanding lifestyle. However, Zinzi is a determined individual and has never given up! This immediately demonstrates her strong character. We at Muro are a huge fan of Zinzi’s style and try to offer her support in our own way. One day we hope to start a collective together, although, after all these years, maybe we already have. We love her!



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