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What We Stand For

We provide artists with a platform to showcase and sell their creative works. Our aim is to create a network for artists to display their creative works, so that they may be admired, and, to bring the joy of design back into the common household. 

Belgian Design

We are proud of our Belgian designers! That is why we like to give them a platform where they can share their work with the world.

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This collection is exclusive to BuroMuro and created by independent designers.

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Each work is printed 50 times and is therefore limited. A certificate is supplied with the work along with a signature from the designer.

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High Quality

This collection features Giclée prints and are printed with inkjet printers on 200 gr UV resistant photo paper. We always print on demand to ensure durability.


We organize social events to launch new collections, ‘a playground’ where designers can meet each other and potential customers. 


Each work, exclusive to the webshop, comes in 50 editions, 5 sizes and fixed rate. This is the next best thing to owning an original.


Our museum quality prints are printed on demand. Our way of minimizing waste and carbon dioxide.

We pay our designers

50% of our profits go directly to the artists. We aim to support our artists with both administrative and creative advice.


Bart Lenaerts

Bart lenaerts (1983) is a photographer, food specialist and father of a beautiful daughter. He has been the manager of Noen, Eiskreem and the Mlkshkbar in Mechelen for 6 years now. He began his career on the back of a strong passion for hospitality and entrepreneurship. In 2020 he commenced academic studies in photography. This same year Bart founded Muro in collaboration with Jolijn Gyssels; with the hope of developing an honest platform to link creative artists and potential customers.


Jolijn Gyssels

Jolijn Gyssels (1986) is a graphic designer, an interior architect and an aspiring entrepreneur. She also is the mother of the most beautiful girl Em. For over 6 years Jolijn is the manager of Noen, Eiskreem and Mlkshkbar. She started her career as an entrepreneur to connect people. She hopes she can do the same with MURO and bring the work of the artists to the people at home.

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The pieces of art, sculptures and prints might just be the most important elements of your home decor.


Let us frame your work

If you buy a matching poster we will frame it for you so it’s ready to hang on the wall when you receive it.

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We offer worldwide shipping. We ship all parcels from Belgium. All our shipments are distributed once a week to reduce traffic.

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High Quality Art Prints and Frames

We work closely with a global network of printers, and are proud of the quality of our frames and prints.  

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We the undersigned ...

Are graphic designers, art directors and visual communicators who have been raised in a world in which the techniques and apparatus of advertising have persistently been presented to us as the most lucrative, effective and desirable use of our talents. Many design teachers and mentors promote this belief; the market rewards it; a tide of books and publications reinforces it.

Encouraged in this direction, we were inspired by the original Ken Gerland’s manifesto, First Things First. It was intended to awaken the design community to reflect on the dispensable ideas employed by major corporations which have had a strong focus on financial greed (achieved via the manipulation of society through marketing and advertising), rather than the needs of the everyday individual. 

In 1964, 22 visual communicators signed the original call for our skills to be put to worthwhile use. With the explosive growth of global commercial culture, their message has only grown more urgent. 

Today, we renew this manifesto with the goal to inspire artists and enthusiasts to take a stand and resist the urge to bend to corporate influence fuelled by a global financial agenda.

We provide artists with a platform to showcase and sell their creative works. A commercial purpose, fair enough. But, our aim is to create a network for artists to display their creative works, so that they may be admired, and, to bring the joy of design back into the common household. 

What is created by the artist will always remain their own, we give them the freedom they need/want/love/desire and try to provide the missing link between artists and art lovers.

Every designer who participated has signed this manifesto. 

Signed by

Alix K ♡ Alba Voorn ♡ Amber Gyselings ♡ Astrid Vandendael ♡ Auwnanas ♡ Aya Akbib ♡ Bart Lenaerts ♡ Barbara De Wit ♡ Bie Mariën ♡ Birthe Janssens ♡ Brecht Vanzieleghem ♡ Broos Stoffels ♡ Carlo Buyck ♡ Charlotte Declercq ♡ Chrostin ♡ Clarisse Sivry ♡ Deniz Isikli ♡ Elise Buntinx ♡ Emma Thyssen ♡ Emma Veulemans ♡ Ester Vanherck ♡ Eva De Hovre ♡ Eveline Smoders ♡ Evi Ostyn ♡ Fee Verachtert ♡ Françoise Beck ♡ Hanne Holvoet ♡ Hans Cortenbeeck ♡ Hatiye Garip ♡ Hélène Jacobs ♡ Herlinde Demaerel ♡ Inge Rylant ♡ Jacelyn Zhen ♡ Janne Van Woensel Kooy ♡ Jean Dillen ♡ Jelle kindt ♡ Jo Houvenaghel ♡ Jolijn Gyssels ♡ Kelly Hortense ♡ Larissa Viaenne ♡ Lieven Moens ♡ Lisa Van de Put ♡ Lore De Schutter ♡ Maarten Peeters ♡ Malyqa ♡ Manon Hermans ♡ Manon Lambeens ♡ Marie Van Praag ♡ Mariona Valdes ♡ Martena Duss ♡ Maxime Yde ♡ Nathalei Lannoo ♡ Nele Van Rompaey ♡ Nikita Van den Bosch ♡ Nikki De Deyn ♡ Nortstudio ♡ Philippe Berg ♡ Puma Press ♡ Reintje Jacobs ♡ Sarah Corynen ♡ Sarah Herlant ♡ Sarah Plantefeve ♡ Siglinde Bossuwé ♡ Silke Reyntjes ♡ Silke Rys ♡ Skandaloe ♡ Skrew Studio ♡ Sofie Deckers ♡ Sofie Van den Bril ♡ Sophie Doutreligne ♡ Studio Carlijn ♡ Studio Muts ♡ Studio Sod ♡ Sylvain Serneels ♡ Toon Delanote ♡ Yvonne Backs ♡ Zinzi Moons

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