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Nousjka Daniëls

Nousjka Daniëls (1990) is a graphic designer, based in Belgium. She finds her inspiration in science-fiction (movies, books or even concepts), anachronisms (things that are out of time), islands (particularly the one in The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells), games (like puzzles, chess and classic card games) and patterns and forms she sees in everyday life. You can recognize her work as a colorful puzzle. She's an organized person. She likes to arrange and categorize. And that shows in most of her work. She creates elements that she organizes in a stack.

For this collection she made four different views from the same room. There’s one big view, looking inwards into the room that is composed of elements from different cultures and times (Room); two windows looking out on a landscape (Dusk and Dawn) — observing different times of the day —; and a small contemporary still life (Flora).

Size matters in this collection. Flora is a small fraction of the scene. Room is a monumental overview. That is why these works are only sold in one specific size. They can be combined, but also set apart.

The elements and compositions for this collection were digitally composed, cut out of paper and scanned.




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