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Lieven Moens

Lieven Moens (1985) is an Illustrator, based in Belgium. For BuroMuro he developed a series for Back To The Future fans or other film-enthusiasts. Three images offered, allow to pick, or combine movies from the series that, for Lieven, is one of the most iconic images / worlds of his youth. The fourth image is a combined image, spanning the whole trilogy, and celebrating the time travel aspect. Every image contains some details true fans will certainly appreciate. All his work is digitally drawn, either on tablet or on his Cintiq. Every work goes through a bunch of iterations; rough, sketch, composition, first ink, second ink, detail ink, color, ... Since Lieven works digitally, he layers these on top of each other, so the final drawing is a 'grown' sketch. In a way he draws each work multiple times, to search for the best lines, design, and balance. The digital aspect allows him to 'go back in time' and search for better or alternative versions.



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