Kaat Vercammen

Site: www.kaatvercammen.be
Email: kaatv98@hotmail.com

Kaat Vercammen (1998) is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Belgium. She began working as a designer in August 2010 on the day of her 12th birthday and has flourished ever since. Kaat draws inspiration from a diverse group of people, from many different disciplines, although she has been most influenced by the works of Michele Galluzzo, Dennis Tyfus, Wide Verncnocke, Edoardo D’Erme, and the Antennae-series by Valiz. Her inspiration for the works on Muro came from bread… After burning a plate of pre-made bread in the oven she explained to a roommate how these “were supposed to be breads”. Which is something she often says about her illustrations. I explain them in the same way as she would explain a baking disaster. So for this collection she made illustrations about other situations where you could use this phrase.