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Altijd Poesjes

Ariadna Lima dos Santos is a queer Brazilian artist based in Antwerpen. Her work explore the gender role, sexuality, sex and desire, acceptance, longing and place of origin, based in her own experiences questioning the hetero normative structures in this contradictory society which women are constantly sexualized, objectified and minimized by the male gaze.

“Defloration by Altijd Poesjes” is an ongoing project. It is the process of picking a flower apart. What kind of person would dare to cut a flower into pieces? If the female body was this flower, would you dare to put it back together into a coherent form? Unwillingly committed to the “machista” community of her hometown, tied to the deep wounds of enforced modesty, She manifests disobedience, while holding pride and honoring her femininity. All the influences around her made that she started to illustrate her frustrations that turned into an acceptance and now it is a celebration that must be shared with the world. Drawing the female body as a way to challenge both worlds, the beauty and the fierceness of female genitalia. The illustrations and paintings are a start to open conversation where a lot of people are still afraid of these days.



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